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Many agents are specialists only about city property, neighborhoods, home buying. To locate an agent who knows about Farm and Land and have access to the details that are a must like soil types and crop yield.  A good Farm and Land agent will take the time and have access to critical information and guide you with your investment and other complicated issues during a land purchase. Rural real estate is complex, so finding a good agent experienced in land purchase is a must.

1. Price
The most important step in selling your farm is pricing it correctly from the onset.  Its a well known fact that overpriced acres take longer to sell and usually sell for a lower price.  Our agents are trained to use advanced market analysis software to build a comprehensive report that will accurately determine the optimal list price.  Request a detailed market analysis.
Successfully negotiating a real estate contract is more than a matter of luck or natural talent.  When you receive an offer having an agent with a proven track record of bringing buyers and sellers together can make a huge impact on your final sales price.  Our listing specialists are skilled negotiators who can help you get to the highest price a potential buyer is willing to pay, as well as the best terms, shortest contingencies.  Rather than approaching negotiations from an adversarial winner-take-all perspective, our agents focus on your top priorities and strive to keep emotions from over running the process.



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