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Preventing Wildfires On Your Rural Property

Just like Smokey Bear taught us, “Only you can prevent wildfires.” At US Farm And Land, we specialize in rural land real estate. Our properties range from country homes to flat farm land for sale to forested hunting land. As you no doubt are aware of, these environments are susceptible to wildfires during the hot summer months. Wildfires can happen anywhere, at any time, for any reason – though many fires are started on accident by people. While the thought of a wildfire may be scary, it shouldn’t deter you from buying the plot of land you’ve always wanted.

After purchasing rural land, be sure to follow these safety protocols to prevent wildfires from starting on your property, and to ensure you are prepared if one does happen. Contact Roger at for more information or visit our webpage at US

Recently Purchased Farm Land For Sale? Here’s What You Need To Do:

Prevent Natural Causes Of Fires

We often remember the wildfires that are caused by arson, campfires, or other careless and preventable acts of humans. However, acts of nature also can be a cause of fires, mainly in the form of lightning strikes. This is especially important if you own land where lightning may find a tree or barn to strike. Work on installing lightning rods that will defer lightning away from your barns and forests.

Make Friends With The Local Fire Department

Your local fire department wants to prevent wildfires as much as you do. Give them a call on the non-emergency number and ask about fire prevention tips and their ability to access your land. They may even come out and help you devise a plan, offer tips specific to your land, and offer services with controlled burns.

Have An Evacuation Plan

If you have livestock, an evacuation plan is crucial. Make connections with other landowners in the area who you can call to bring their trucks and trailers out to help should it be necessary, who can board your animals during an evacuation, and offer to do the same for them.

Talk To Your Neighbors

Your rural property neighbors might be miles away, but that doesn’t mean they don’t play a key role in preventing fire damage on your property, and vice versa. Share ideas with your neighbors about fire prevention and make sure they have your municipal address in case they are the ones who need to make a 911 call about a fire on your property.

Get Rid Of Fuel

When it comes to wildfires, “fuel” can be just about any sort of vegetation or building. Obviously, you don’t want to clear your land of forested and woody areas, but keeping at least 30 feet of space around each structure on your land can help prevent brush fires from becoming building fires. Using non-combustible materials to build can also be helpful.

Also be sure to keep actual fuel – like propane, kerosene, or gasoline – stored far away from any structures or wooded areas.

No Smoking

We’re not trying to tell you how to live, but you, your guests, and any hunters on your property should follow this rule. Have a designated smoking area and stick to it. Make sure all cigarettes are fully extinguished before you walk way. This doesn’t mean grinding it into the grass with your foot or placing a lit cigarette in an ashtray where the wind could blow out. Use a can full of sand to bury your cigarette butts and go the extra mile by dunking them in water first.

Keep Machinery Maintained

Tractors and other farm machinery can easily create sparks or catch fire if they are not properly maintained and cleaned. Make sure machinery is free of leaks, combustible materials, and keep a fire extinguisher on each machine.

Have An Electrical Inspection

Electrical fires can also be a hazard in buildings and barns, especially older ones that are not up to date with current building codes. Have an electrician come out and check for hazardous electrical hookups and work on resolving these.

You Are Investing In Land – Keep It Safe

When you purchase farmland, you are making an investment. The last thing you want is for preventable damage to happen to your property. Make sure to take precautions to ensure the integrity of your land for decades to come.

At US Farm And Land, we care deeply about our clients and want to do our part to share some knowledge about how to prevent fires from starting and spreading on your property. With a little effort, you can enjoy a lifetime of farm living without the threat of fires. Check out our listings of farm land for sale and get in touch today!

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